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Artwork Licensing

My portfolio is filled with artwork available for licensing

My artwork, your products

neon hibiscus.jpg
teal leaf 2.jpg

01 floral patterns

Floral patterns start as original watercolor paintings. Bright, bouncy and beautiful these floral patterns will lift the spirit. Seamless repeating patterns perfect on fashion fabric,  sheets, pillow cases, dish ware, duvets and more. All designs can be scaled and color adjusted.


 Ink trends

tattoo world art is brave and beautiful. it ebbs and flows with communities, it always mirrors the worlds truth. these ideas come straight from my highly requested  tattoo portfolio. 

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg



Lush flora and fauna from the Island of my origin fuels my creativity. patterns and layers interweave to make leis and adornments. Enjoy these designs impressed in my mind during PO or sleep. I see them on Floral mens shirts, maxi dreses and lightweight pareo.

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