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5 ways to avoid a bad tattoo.

I am often surprised by some of the Horror tattoo stories my Clients share with me. Walking into shops, excited to get some ink, but quickly feeling too intimidated to ask questions, or not knowing how to communicate with the artist about the design or placement. Here are 5 ways to stay assertive when picking the right shop for you.

* CLEANLINESS AND SMELL, My Nanna taught me that a nose wont lie, if it smells dirty, more than likely, it is. Take note of the Cleanliness of the waiting area, is it dust free and clutter free, does it smell clean, or like smoke or trash? you get the idea....

*ASK for an art consultation! DO your online homework before arriving, most progressive shops, and artists have online portfolios, check them out before going in. choose a tattoo from their portfolio and take it with you, Artists love to know what style you like, Good artists will always tweek a design to make it custom just for you.

*TRUST YOUR GUT if you don't feel welcomed, or comfortable, the art on the wall or in the portfolios don't catch your eye or get you excited, don't compromise! wait! take your time. I do a huge amount of coverups, and most clients just wish they would've waited. Say Thanks and walk out.

*REFERRALS referrals are the best! if you see a tattoo that lifts your skirt, ASK who the artist is! many good artists with loyal clients have the artist business card on them.....and are happy to share.

*COLLABORATION Good Artists and shops desire your input. Approaching your tattoo as a collaborative process. This respectful process allows your artist to show you what they are good at, and if its a good fit, they are good at the art you want, if not, take notice, Asking an artist to go outside of their area of strength can turn out bad for everyone. Great artists know their strengths and weakness's and aren't afraid to tell you. trust them if they turn down a style you suggest. If you feel good about something else, great! but if not, never be afraid to change your mind. An awkward moment is better than an awkward tattoo. Great artists want you to love your tattoo!



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